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Plan Your Content Day Like a Boss

Updated: Jul 10

Business owners and creatives - let’s talk about planning your content day or photoshoot like a boss. It can be a bit overwhelming when you realise you’re low on content and you’re starting to repurpose a lot of old photos and video clips. Worse still, you have a social media team telling you every week that you need fresh content!

From a team who has organised multiple content shoots of all different sizes over the last few years, we’ve learnt so many things that made us more efficient in time and cost.  

Let’s break it down. 


Step 1: Figure out the Purpose of the Shoot

  • Do you need fresh content for your business?

  • Are you planning a new product or service launch? 

  • Are you planning for a client? 

It can be something like..

“I need some fresh professional product photos for my product-based business as well as lifestyle iPhone content.” or 

“I need to shoot some iphone and digi content for Instagram and TikTok.” or

“I need fresh branding photos in a lifestyle setting.”


Step 2: Figure out what Deliverables you Need

Depending on your shoot’s purpose, you now need to figure out what kind of content you need for your project. 

  • Do you need iPhone clips and photos? 

  • Do you need professional photography?

  • Do you need professional videography?

  • Do you need just product content or do you need lifestyle content too? 


Step 3: Curating your Design Concept 

Okay this has to be one of the most exciting parts about planning a content shoot! Get on Pinterest and start curating a mood board that best represents your ideas visually. Not only will this help you refine the chaos in your head, but it will also help the people involved in executing exactly what you have envisioned.

Think colour palette, textures, photography angles and styles, lighting, mood, props, outfits, makeup and even certain shots you want to emulate. 


Step 4: Set a Tentative Shoot Date

Here’s the tea - planning a well-executed shoot takes time and effort. So, depending on your answers from above, we would give it 3-4 weeks of planning. Keep in mind the scale of the shoot, location availability and your team’s availability. 

Our E-Book on Plan your Content Day like a Boss Checklist will tell you everything you need organised before your shoot day and you can use this guide to help you throughout your planning process. 


Step 5: Find your Ideal Shoot Location, Venue or Studio 

Now that you’ve set aside a few weeks to plan your shoot, it’s important to book in a venue/studio ensuring it’s available on your desired day of shooting. 

Here are some things to consider when finding a location: 

  • First and foremost, is the studio or venue available on your shoot date? 

  • Does the look of the studio align with your design concept?

  • Is it central to everyone? Some vendors/collaborators charge extra for travel fees, so you want to ensure you find a location that is central to the city (Haus of Blanc, duh  👀

  • Research your studio options to find out how versatile it is in terms of backdrops, different shoot settings, equipment, props, lighting, etc. This might be something you discuss with your photographer. 

  • Do you need the studio for a half day or a full day? This will depend on your deliverables and how much you’re trying to achieve on the day. 


Step 6: Now Let’s Figure Out Your Team 

Is this shoot something you can execute on your own? Or do you need reinforcements to get you the results you want?

We would bring it back to asking yourself this one very important question - On the day of the shoot, what would you LOVE to do? Because you can’t do everything and be everyone at once. 

Do you prefer coordinating the day? Or would you rather be the one shooting the content? Do you need to be the one in front of the camera? OR, do you want everyone else to do the work so you can just relax and be present on the day? Once you are clear on this, you can figure out what other skill sets you need to outsource. 

Again, our e-book Plan your Content Day like a Boss Checklistwill outline all the production team members you may want to consider involving in your content day. 


Step 7: Let’s Set a Budget 

Having an understanding of the team you might need on the day will help you allocate your financial resources from top priority to least priority. This is why we asked you earlier what you want to be doing the most on the day! 

Things to consider: 

  • Which skill sets are beyond your capabilities and absolutely DON’T want to do? Photographing? Modelling? Styling? Let’s go back to the list on our E-Book and work backwards. 

  • Figure out which of these skill sets you need to actually invest in.

  • Do you have any fellow business friends that would be willing to collaborate on a TFP basis? 

Our E-Book, will give you an understanding of cost per vendor/collaborator involved. Once you’ve figured out your priorities, you will gain more clarity on how much you might need to spend on your content day. 


Step 8: Let's Lock Everything in!

Now that you have a team and a budget to work with, it’s time to round everything up. This is a great time to do the following:

  • Book your studio and your team.

  • Create a group chat so everyone can get acquainted!

  • Create a run sheet

  • Source any props, outfits, or specific items needed for your content shoot. 

This is the time to send your Google invites, email over your mood boards, your brief, on-the-day run sheet, and any information on studio/venue accessibility. Most studios and venues will usually send a PDF file with this information, so you can forward this to everyone involved! 


Step 9: Show Up and Have Fun! 

Trust us, you’re gonna have fun on the day of the content shoot because you were organised and didn’t miss any detail. Immerse yourself in the creativity, put on some good tunes and make sure no one is hangry! 


Content days are meant to be fun, creative and exciting, so it’s important that you cover all your basis prior to the shoot so that you can be fully present on the day. For the last time (promise), downloading our e-book on Plan your Content Day like a Boss Checklist is gonna be a lifesaver every time you organise a shoot. 

But if you don’t wanna do any planning or coordinating, you’re in luck because we offer this as part of our services. If you want more info on this, make sure to book a complimentary consultation with our creative director, Jane. 


Email for early access bookings for our brand new content studio, Haus of Blanc

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