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who are we?

a multidisciplinary
space crafting inspired digital concepts

Blanc Studio collaborates with bespoke businesses with impactful messages in increasing their brand awareness through their digital presence. Our mission is to give value-led businesses a vessel to share their message in an artful, yet strategic approach.

why work with us

Our Value-led Approach to innovative digital Business

At Blanc Studio, we infuse purpose and passion into each project, celebrating the uniqueness of every business we work with. We immerse ourselves in learning your brand to create an authentic visual identity and tone of voice that truly embodies your business, delivering exceptional results that capture your brand's heart.

We exclusively partner with businesses committed to making an impact

We're passionate about partnering with businesses that are dedicated to making a positive impact. Our collaboration with these companies leads to greater success and a brighter future to the outside community. Our team supports and empowers businesses that share our values of change, social responsibility, and innovation. Together, we create an impact that extends far beyond our individual efforts.

A passionate Team dedicated to creating artFUL DELIVERABLES

We're a devoted and highly skilled team dedicated to delivering inspiring, high-quality digital design solutions. By gaining a deep understanding of your brand, we create bespoke solutions that exceed your expectations. With collaboration and attention to detail, we ensure every project makes an impact.


We blend expertise in design with a powerful strategic approach to create visually appealing and effective online marketing efforts that achieve your business goals. Our focus on high-quality design solutions backed by a solid strategy ensures your brand stands out and generates meaningful results.

meet the team

Jane Auxilio

Founder and Director

Jane's purpose-driven approach fuels her passion for helping others through Blanc Studio. As a driving force behind our design and business development, she's deeply involved in all aspects of our operations.


With her leadership, we attract and inspire a highly talented and dynamic team to deliver timeless and effective results. Blanc Studio is committed to helping clients achieve their goals with Jane at the helm.

Monique Pater

Social Media Operations and Strategy

As our go-to social media expert and writer, Monique helps plan and execute ideas for our social media clients, playing a key role in keeping our business on track. With her PR background, she crafts compelling copy that reflects our clients' brand values and highlights their creativity. Monique's special touch combines strategy and creativity, creating impactful and successful messages.


Multimedia Artist

Shanaia's involvement in Blanc Studio showcases her array of skill and talent. She actively contributes to content creation and engages in various creative projects, including graphic and web design.


Her expertise lies in establishing a brand's identity, creating digital assets  and designing exceptional websites that deliver an exceptional user experience.



Mayda plays a crucial role in our creative team, contributing to the curation of stunning marketing assets for all our brands. While she is deeply engaged in daily social media operations, Mayda also actively participates in unique creative projects, particularly focusing on graphic design.

Multimedia Artist


Videographer and Photographer

With over ten years of experience in videography and photography, Aldwin excels in creating visually stunning work that captures the essence of a brand and engages its target audience.


His exceptional talent lies in bringing a brand's unique visual identity to life. With a passion for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Alwdin's work creates memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Social Media Manager

Carla is your ultimate resource for anything related to social media management. She plays a vital role in ensuring your business presents a strong brand and strategy across social media platforms, with a special focus on Instagram. Her proactive and organised approach, combined with meticulous attention to detail, makes her an amazing social media manager.

Untitled (4 x 5 in).png


Videographer and Photographer

Jerry's exceptional talent for capturing engaging content through photography and videography is a key factor in the high-end, premium quality that Blanc Studio consistently delivers in all of our projects.

In addition to his professional expertise, Jerry's fun and easy-going nature creates a fun and empowering experience for our clients.

Let’s begin our creative journey


for the business leaders who take action    based in melbourne aus

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