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36 twenty eights

key services

key services

content creation

client's story

the client's story

36twentyeights is more than just a specialty coffee brand. They are a movement for those who are hungry. For those who are willing to do whatever it takes, to get whatever and wherever they want to be in life. Through coffee and a passionate community, 36twentyeights is a brand that fuels the hustle. 

They believe that coffee has the ability to bring great people together. That’s why 36twentyeight has ethically sourced and roasted high-quality beans to provide delicious coffee to even better people. 

project objective

project objective

Blanc Studio had the privilege of collaborating with 36twentyeights to deliver an outstanding Content Creation experience for their very first product launch. Curating visual identity was achieved through our lifestyle photography, ensuring the images captured encapsulated the soul of the venue and what the business was truly about. 

As portrayed in the visuals, you can observe strong brand aesthetics by celebrating the cafe's prominent colour themes and the use of photography to further enhance the ambience of the brand. 

J1_01747 (1).jpg

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