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key services

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client's story

the client's story

Elan House of Wellness is space for all things luxury Postpartum support. U-Fhern and her brand entails a collection of opulent products ensure new mothers feel supported and prioritised throughout pregnancy and the fourth trimester. Elan House of Wellness is committed to empowering, educating, and shedding light on the importance of postpartum care.

project objective

project objective

Blanc Studio partners with Elan House of Wellness to elevate brand awareness through compelling social media marketing and content creation that includes product photography, styling, and video production.


Our approach is anchored in education, and we leverage engaging yet informative copywriting to reach and connect with our audience. We prioritise thorough research on important Postpartum topics, allowing us to deliver accurate and precise online messaging that authentically represents Elan House of Wellness.

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