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key services

key services

social media management

creative content

client's story

the client's story

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New Order Prahran is a bustling Melbourne cafe that lends its character to a unique deli-style cafe. Offering specialty coffee, bespoke food and gourmet catering, New Order has increased its popularity within the food industry over the past few years of service.

project objective

project objective

For the time that we spent with New Order, our objective was to create a visual identity, maintain consistent online presence as well as attract and nurture an online community that eventually translate into real-life traffic. Curating visual identity was achieved through our emotive lifestyle photography, ensuring the images captured encapsulated the soul of the venue and what the business was truly about. 

Content Creation was further supported by Social Media Management, allowing the start of New Order's brand awareness through  visual identity displayed through monthly Instagram feed curation, planning and scheduling.


As portrayed in the visuals, you can observe a strong brand aesthetics by celebrating the cafe's prominent colour themes and the use of photography to further enhance the ambience of the brand. 

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Adored this project? Let’s begin our creative journey together.

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