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key services


client's story

the client's story

Niccolo stands out as one of Melbourne's premier specialty coffee roasters, nestled in the heart of Cremorne. At Niccolo, coffee lovers are invited to savor a beautifully crafted cup of coffee and engage in meaningful conversation with their community.


The brand is primarily focused on wholesaling specialty coffee beans to cafes in Melbourne, Sydney, and even New York, showcasing their unwavering commitment to hospitality and the art of coffee making. We are truly impressed with Niccolo's passion and dedication to bringing people together through the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee.

project objective

project objective

Our partnership with Niccolo aimed to capture the very essence of their business and community across all streams - from the cozy cafe to their dynamic wholesale and retail offerings. Leveraging our expertise in photography and videography, we crafted a range of compelling digital assets that perfectly showcase the brand's unique value proposition. 


These assets can be utilissd across Niccolo's social media channels and website to deliver an elevated online experience to their loyal customer base.


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