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key services

key services

social media management

client's story

the client's story

Step into a world of luxury with Ruffles and Bells, the premier styling and planning event business founded by Eliska and her team. With a passion for modern design and a commitment to curating truly unique experiences, Ruffles and Bells is the go-to choice for clients who demand the very best.

From the moment clients engage in their services, they are treated to a level of personalised attention and care that is unmatched in the industry. Eliska and her team will work tirelessly to bring their clients' vision to life, crafting an event that is timeless, elegant, and sophisticated in every way.

With their signature aesthetic, Ruffles and Bells creates unforgettable experiences that are tailored to each client's unique tastes and preferences. Whether it be planning  for a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering,  Ruffles and Bells will deliver a breathtaking experience that will leave clients and guests in awe.


project objective

project objective

Blanc Studio works closely with Eliska on a month-to-month basis, with the goal to maintain consistency while attracting a steady stream of high-end clients for Ruffles and Bells.

As part of Ruffles and Bell's unique 2023 social media strategy, we are focused on elevating their visual branding, strengthening their core message, and increasing brand awareness to support their overall sales strategy. By leveraging the latest social media trends and best practices, we are helping Ruffles and Bells to reach a wider audience and establish their brand as the go-to choice for luxury styling and planning events.

Our team at Blanc Studio is passionate about delivering exceptional results for our clients, and we are committed to helping Ruffles and Bells achieve their goals through innovative social media strategy and unparalleled attention to detail. 

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